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Medics Training Inc.

11441 Osage Street NW

Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Once monthly a CPR/AED and a First Aid class is held 6PM - 10PM at our offices in Coon Rapids. (Address above)

  • Open to the public

  • Small class sizes

  • Lay rescuer and Health Care Provider level CPR offered

  • No class size minimum (if a session is on the schedule we hold the training for whoever is here.  Only exception is if weather conditions are such that law enforcement recommends no travel)

  • There is no pre-registration requirement and check, cash, or credit card payment is accepted at the door (although for planning purposes we do appreciate calling ahead just to advise if one thinks that they may attend a session.  However, that call doesn't obligate them to attend that particular session). 

  • Card/Contact Hours etc. are issued after completing the training session

  • The monthly session days vary Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the schedule year.​ ALL DATES ARE 2020

  • 2020 Rates June 1-December 31,  2020:

  •  (ALL DATES ARE 2020)

    • $65.00 per person for lay rescuer Adult/Child/Infant CPR w/ AED

    • $70.00 per person for BLS level CPR

    • $55.00 per person for lay rescuer Emergency First Aid

    • In order to maintain proper social distancing in our class sessions, we must limit our class sizes. Walk in class participants may need to be turned away if no space in the session.

    • ➢ We are asking for individuals to contact the MTI office (an email will work) to get on a particular class session’s training roster. No names needed, just # of participants.

    • ➢ We do NOT require pre-payment or pre-registration, simply let us know how many will be attending.

    • ➢ We are asking class participants to pay using check or credit/debit cards, but can accept cash payments if necessary.

Thursday June 4               6-10 PM           PFA

Monday June 22               6-10 PM           CPR

Thursday July 9                6-10 PM           PFA

Tuesday July 21               6-10 PM           CPR

Monday August 10           6-10 PM           PFA

Tuesday August 18          6-10 PM           CPR

Monday September 14     6-10 PM           PFA

Tuesday September 22    6-10 PM           CPR

Thursday October 8          6-10 PM          PFA

Monday October 19          6-10 PM          CPR

Tuesday November 10     6-10 PM          PFA

Monday November 16      6-10 PM          CPR

Tuesday December 8       6-10 PM          PFA

Thursday December 17    6-10 PM         CPR

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