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​Office Locations & Hours

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Medics Training Inc.

11441 Osage Street NW

Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Once monthly a CPR/AED and a First Aid class is held 6PM - 10PM at our offices in Coon Rapids

  • Open to the public

  • Small class sizes

  • Lay rescuer and Health Care Provider level CPR offered

  • No class size minimum (if a session is on the schedule we hold the training for whoever is here.  Only exception is if weather conditions are such that law enforcement recommends no travel)

  • There is no pre-registration requirement and check; cash; MasterCard or VISA payment is accepted at the door (although for planning purposes we do appreciate calling ahead just to advise if one thinks that they may attend a session.  However, that call doesn't obligate them to attend that particular session). 

  • Card/Contact Hours etc. are issued after completing the training session

  • The monthly session days vary Mondays; Tuesdays and Thursday evenings during the schedule year.​

  • Current Rates:

    • $58.00 per person for lay rescuer Adult/Child/Infant CPR w/ AED

    • $66.00 per person for Health Care Provider level CPR

    • $48.00 per person for lay rescuer Emergency First Aid

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